Building Energy expands internationally through strategic partnerships defined in

target markets with local industry leaders.

The industrial partnerships are accompanied by positive and constructive relationships with national and local authorities responsible for determining social-economic policy,

in order to maximize the participation of government agencies, the efficiency of the projects and their stimulating impact on the local economy.

ABM is a leading provider of facility solutions with revenues exceeding $4 billion and 100,000 employees in over 350 offices deployed throughout the United States and various international locations. ABM’s comprehensive capabilities include facilities engineering, commercial cleaning, energy solutions, HVAC, electrical, landscaping, parking and security, provided through stand-alone or integrated solutions.

The joint venture between ABM Government Services and Building Energy will provide solar energy services to the commercial and utility-scale solar power markets.  
The venture will bring the significant experience and financial capabilities of two of the energy industry’s leaders to ABM’s existing 30,000+ clients.  Collectively, the two companies have performed over $1 Billion in energy services over the last five years.
The partnership will enable ABM to build on its tremendous reputation as one of the country’s leading energy service companies (ESCO), specializing in design, installation, operations and maintenance (O&M), and unique financial solutions for its varied client base.  It will also enhance ABM’s Bundled Energy Solutions (BES) program, which has been designed as a financial solution to meet clients’ technical facility needs and sustainability goals. For ABM, the goal is to drive costs out of a client’s operating budget to allow savings to be reallocated to fund mission critical facility needs.  Through the joint venture, ABM Energy becomes one of the largest ESCO’s in the country to offer a full suite of renewable and energy efficiency services.

Under the joint venture, ABM clients will have the advantage of working with two companies with significant energy services experience as ABM and Building Energy have collectively installed over 250 MWs of solar EPC, along with currently operating and maintaining over 200 MWs of solar facilities in five countries.  
Additionally, both ABM and Building Energy have strong financial capabilities and acumen, with both companies having successfully created financial strategies to help clients spend their energy dollars more wisely.

ABM : a global provider of energy services

•  ABM is one of the largest facility management service providers and ESCOs in the US

•  100 years of experience, 100,000 employees, $1.2 Billion market cap

•  Builiding Energy is actively marketing AMB key client to develop PV business

Building Energy has established a joint venture with one of the major South African industrial players/General Contractors, with a turnover in excess of €1.4 bln.

The joint venture allows both partners to benefit from complementary skills and capabilities in order to efficiently operate in the acquisition, development and construction of new projects in South Africa.

Today the WBHO group is one of the largest construction companies in Southern Africa and is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. The driving force behind WBHO is a core of dedicated, hands-on.

Solid balance sheet and ability to deliver top-quality workforce and general contracting capacity in South Africa.

Able to leverage its commercial structure to expand in the renewable market and secure new projects and development.

Operations: engineering capabilities, technological know how, coordination of logistics, procurement, and swift and top quality construction

Financing and track record: strong relationship with banks and financial investors

• Joint venture with Guma Group for O&M services in South Africa and Africa.


Guma Group operates throughout the African continent, as well as Canada, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Guma Group of companies employs over 12,000 highly skilled individuals across five continents. The Guma Group is a diversified hands-on, value-adding and entrepreneurial group focused in four sectors of our world economy, namely: ICT, Mining, Tourism and Industry.


" Partnership with Optimum Renewables (OR): a US company focused on wind-farm development in Iowa. Currently about 40 MW is under development and OR is successfully taking care of all the development aspects, using its expertise, knowledge and resources.”

Partnership with Simba Telecom for the development of a large scale solar farm in Uganda.

Development of solar projects in Romania and Jordan.

Building Energy has recently signed a co-development agreement with EcoVal&Co S.r.l., an Italian renewable energy company which is present in Croatia since 2007. The agreement foresees the set up of a local Croatian company Building Energy Croatia (51% BE – 49% EcoVal). The partners have invested since 2011 in Zelene Energjie, a Frame Development Project promoted by the relevant Croatian Ministries (Agriculture, Economy and Environment). The programme aims at the development of supply chains, based on dedicated biomass crops cultures of for co-generation plants. Building Energy Croatia strategic objective is the design, construction and operations of 5x5 MW and 5x2 MW cogeneration plants within the next 3 years.

In March 2014 Building Energy signed an agreement with the company Pron Invest from Belgrade, specialized in the field of renewable energies, which is an exclusive collaboration for the development, design and realization of plants from renewable sources

Building Energyhas signed an important partnership with Connect4Climate, the global community promoted in 2011 by the World Bank, with the aim of raising awareness about the climate change issue.Connect4Climate’s goal is to promote several initiatives to take on the global climate change issues, giving them more visibility, thanks to a wide net of partners and a growing online community. Since it’s inception, Connect4Climate has connected over 200 partners and more than a million fans and followers on social media, all committed to this campaign against climate change. Building Energy is the only Italian company to be selected within the renewable energy sector, among manydistinguishedpartners of Connect4Climate - such as some of the United Nations organizations, international Universities and national and international NGOs - thanks to their ability in developing new solutions for the production of energy from renewable sources; which are pivotal in the action and prevention campaign in the prevention of climate change.Henceforth, the company will join Connect4Climate in sharing experiences, ideas, resources and events aimed at promoting initiatives to raise the community awareness and broaden the debate about climate change.

•Zim Capital, for the development of opportunities in the mining industry in SA and the continent and for the IPP program in Kenya

•HBW Group for the development of a large scale solar farm in Zambia and Ghana

•LEGA for the development of a large scale solar farm in Lesotho

•Pele Green Energy for the co development of small scale projects in SA