Structuring of debt and equity finance


 - Project Financing arrangement capabilities and bankability track record (€300 mln deal

    for the Kathu project)

 - More than €70 mln equity raising to finance the project

 - Recently closed capital increase of Building Energy to further expand the company and

    retain equity in profitable investment



DEVELOPMENT OF GREENFIELD AND BROWNFIELD PROJECTS IN ITALY AND ABROAD:ᅠthis means the location and analysis of the most suitable sites for the construction of renewable-energy generation plants.

Overall project feasibility is assessed through a careful evaluation of technical, administrative and financial considerations. Development also includes our involvement in obtaining all the permits necessary to implement the project, in addition to the incorporation of the legal entities required for its operation.

Business development: focus on International expansion


 - Leading to an international 2,000+MW project pipeline in 24 countries worldwide

 - Focus on identifying strong, reliable local partners (e.g. WBHO in South Africa, and ABM

    Industries in the US)

 - Early access to frontier markets via a solidly proven platform

 - Quick execution to maximise project lifetime value



Building Energy intends to establish itself as a leading player in the renewable energy industry:

to its initial activities of constructing plants for third parties (EPC contractor), the group has gradually added 360° management for the entire life cycle of the plant. BE operates in a vertically integrated manner, playing an active role in the stages of development, arranging financing and the construction

and maintenance of the plant.

In some projects, Building Energy plays the role of investor, thus generating electricity from renewable sources through plants it owns and operates as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).


ENGINEERING:ᅠEngineering implements the outputs of the development stage by conducting the executive feasibility study necessary for the construction of the plant with the primary goal of optimising its production and performance over time;

PROCUREMENT:ᅠThe direct management of purchasing and provisioning of materials ensures their compliance with the technical requirements outlined by Engineering, delivery in line with the production schedule, and careful quality control.

COSTRUCTION:ᅠTotal worksite management, starting from the preparation and outfitting of the site right through to commissioning, with civil works, assembly of machinery and installation of electrical systems.

Control of the operation throughout all the value-chain


 - Procurement of Top Tier Components and technology: bankable track record,

    operational risk mitigation through solid performance obligations and appropriate


 - Power plant EPC - direct and indirect track record of over 150 MW delivered and in

    operation, including largest PV tracker facility in Italy (Montalto di Castro, 85 MW)

 - 81 MW PV plant under construction (Kathu , South Africa)

 - Management team experienced in various technologies



O&M for PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS with long-term contracts of UP to 25 YEARS:

Specialised technicians perform the technical and administrative management of the PV plant; they have the responsibility to supervise the correct operation of the components of the plant, with the support of ever -evolving technology that allows real-time monitoring, even remotely.



Energy management services and O&M: Homes S.r.l.


HOMES was established in 2010 and is owned by Building Energy S.p.a.


HOMES mission is to provide Operations & Maintenance Services to renewable energy power plants owners , financial investors and power producers, through a wide and flexible package of services.



• Currently managing multi MW solar power plants;

• O&M Team manages 160MW+ of power plants;

• O&M experience: from commissioning to revamping.



Full O&M service including operations, maintenance, meter reading, and warranty administration;

• Most experienced PV Technicians in the business;

• More operational systems under management;

• Real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting capability.